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Allen, Mish, McGillivray: Sugar Bowl Interviews

Yesterday, we published the race footage. Today, we publish the post-race interviews. EJN caught up with three big names in New England running: women’s winner Amanda Allen, men’s winner Brad Mish, and the incomparable Dave McGillivray. We’ll let them do the talking, so without further adieu…

Women’s Champ Amanda Allen

Men’s Champ Brad Mish

Boston RD Dave McGillivray

Jim Kane Sugar Bowl Race Coverage

The Jim Kane Sugar Bowl was held last Thursday evening and it was a beautiful night-still hot but cooler than last year. The cooler temps brought fast times as BAA Unicorn Brad Mish set a new 5k course record in a time of 15:29. We have an exclusive interview with the champion that we will release in a separate post in the next day or two. It’s pretty insightful. Following Mish, was a herd of Unicorns. Craig McMahon (16:05), Andreas Heilmann (16:29) and Ian Nurse (16:42) all rounded out the top 5. One has to wonder if two-time defending champ Heilmann regrets inviting his teammates to the event. Nah, he made light of it in our post-race chat.

On the women’s side, Amanda Allen, also of the BAA, led the way. She ran 5:54 pace to take home the top prize in 18:18. Coming in on Allen’s heels were Siobhan Flaherty (18:35), Kristin Murphy (18:56), Amanda Walsh (18:57), and Tiffany Spearman (19:19). Spearman stowed her bag at the LVL table before the race, and we were glad to see that we did not jinx her performance in anyway.

On the masters side of things, it was another BAA runner who claimed victory: Mike McGrane.  He won in 17:59. Not only does McGrane run fast. He smells good too-must be that WIN Detergent…Avril Silverman of Waltham, MA won the women’s masters crown in a time of 21:38, cracking 7:00 pace by a mere one second.

If your name wasn’t mentioned above, don’t fret: it’s quite likely we caught you on our video camera. We have coverage of both the start and finish of the race. Enjoy.

And before we sign-off, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the fine job the L Street Running Club does in organizing this event. As they say, “We run the event. We don’t run in it.” These guys do a fantastic job every year and Alma McDermott leaves no stone unturned. It’s a first class event.

Stay tuned. We have more coverage of the Sugar Bowl headed your way with exclusive interviews featuring winners Brad Mish and Amanda Allen. As an added bonus, we even caught up with race director extraordinaire Dave McGillivray.

And if you liked the Sugar Bowl, you should consider running the LVL10K on August 17. Sure, it’s double the distance but is also has great water views.

LVL10K animated gif 5.26.14



Jim Kane Sugar Bowl 5K Quick Coverage

Brad Mish (15:29) and Amanda Allen (18:18) were the winners of the 2014 Jim Kane Sugar Bowl 5k. We caught up with both of them after the race, so stay tuned for our extensive video interviews and extended race video. In the interim, we’ll whet your appetite with three 15-second Instagram videos of the start and men’s and women’s top performers.

The start

The women

The men


For full results, click here.

Heilmann Continues Sugar Bowl Run

Almost 1,200 people ran the 26th Annual Jim Kane Sugar Bowl on Thursday night in Southie, despite the oppressive heat. The weather cooled off just enough to let the vendors and spectators say ‘ah, this is better’, but it was still pretty miserable for those with a number pinned to their singlets (or to their shorts).

sugar bowl 2013

Kev Balance takes care of business at the Level booth while The Thinker ponders life’s great mysteries in the background.

For an impressive 4th year in a row, Andreas Heilmann was the victor. Andreas streak is so long that his first two wins were on the old 5 mile course and the latter two were on the newer 5k course. Ian Nurse just beat out Matt Cioe for 2nd place, but his 16:32 wasn’t enough to match his BAA teammate Andreas’ 16:13.

Kristin Barry of Dirigo RC helped to break up that BAA podium party by taking the women’s race in 17:39. Kristin was about 48 seconds ahead of runner up Amanda Allen (also of the BAA). Kristin was able to get control fairly early, while Amanda worked the course with her teammate Michael McGrane.

Runners stuck around after for a nice night on the water, complete with an awards ceremony, a long list of vendors giving away plenty of goodies, a BBQ, and some music.

We were on hand sending out updates via our social media channels. Check out our Instagram feed for more race footage, and also check out the Sugar Bowl Facebook page for additional race pics.


Level Renner Road Race Gomez Mason logo



Heilmann Wins Sugar Bowl…Again!!!

THREE-PEAT!! THREE-PEAT!! THREE-PEAT!! They switched up the course and the distance, but it still wasn’t enough to keep Andreas Heilmann from breaking the tape yet again. Thanks to the magic of the interweb, we were able to get in touch with Andreas for a quick Q&A after his big win at the Sugar Bowl.

Heilmann enroute to his '11 Sugar Bowl win (courtesy of Jim Rhoades)

1.) Were you going for the win right from the gun, or were you just focused on your own race?

I was primarily focused on my race. However, having won the race the two previous years I wanted to place in the top three.

2.) At what point did you start to get separation?

I decided to run the first mile (5:15) in the chase group, at least 30 yards behind the three leaders. A young runner from UMass Lowell closed the gap at the half-way point. Mark and I were pushing to the two mile point (10:10) and I separated with a little bit less than a mile to go.

3.) Have you run this before, if so what do you think of the change from 5mi to 5k?

In 2010 and 2011, the conditions were hot. Even so I like running in warm weather, I would rather run a 5K than a 5mi in 95F weather. The straight out-and-back course as well as the start and finish area were great, I thought.

4.) How’s training been going and what are you training for right now?

I am training for a Half in the fall. Due to an injury in late February, I was out of commission until May and had to build up slowly. I am currently at 30mi/week and hope to get to at least 40-50mi for the Half.

5.) What half are you training for and what will your target time be?

I am training for the BAA Half and shooting for a 1:12.

Best of luck to Andreas at the BAA Half this fall. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out some footage of Andreas (and others) from the Sugar Bowl:

Pawlicki After the Sugar Bowl

Welcome to On The Level & In The Car! As I stated earlier with the Catoggio interview, it’s a new segment, born out of necessity due to our shitty equipment. What started out as a beautiful day down by Carson Beach in Dorchester, MA turned out to quite windy by the time the evening was over. Just when it was time to start the interviews, I realized the wind was going to make capturing the audio pretty much impossible. So, we improvised! If you’re wondering what the heck we’re doing in a car, that’s pretty much it.

Here’s Jim Pawlicki after his eighth place finish at the 25th Anniversary Jim Kane Sugar Bowl 5k.

Wow, that really came out dark. It looked fine on the camera’s display. For the next episode, we’ll have to flip the dome light on in the car.

Catoggio After the Sugar Bowl

Welcome to On The Level & In The Car! It’s a new segment, born out of necessity due to our shitty equipment. What started out as a beautiful day down by Carson Beach in Dorchester, MA turned out to quite windy by the time the evening was over. Just when it was time to start the interviews, I realized the wind was going to make capturing the audio pretty much impossible. So, we improvised! If you’re wondering what the heck we’re doing in a car, that’s pretty much it.

Here’s Tim Catoggio after his fifth place finish at the 25th Anniversary Jim Kane Sugar Bowl 5k.

Q&A with Lindsay Willard

It was originally going to be part of the main Sugar Bowl post, but she gave us so much quality info that we had to do this as a stand-alone post. We caught up to Lindsay the day after her second place finish at the Sugar Bowl and conducted a quick Q&A via Facebook.

Lindsay in action at the Bedford 12k (courtesy of Krissy Kozlosky)

1.) Scoping out the competition before the race, did you have a win on your mind?

I’m pretty bad about keeping up with racing stats, so I’m not usually familiar with the top female competitors. When we moved up to the front of the starting line I suggested that a few other girls be pulled up as well. I saw some other club jerseys near me and I just figured those would be the main pack. I had hoped to pull out a win last night, but Ive been struggling in my last few races with IT Band and quad pulls.

I’m a little fatigued these last few weeks from all of my shorter races since the Boston Marathon in April. I haven’t really taken a day off until just 2 weeks ago when I switched to a full week of cross-training. Right after Boston I was racing 1 or 2 races each week. At first I maintained fitness and was happy to log some fast, shorter distance times. But my speed has suffered recently due to a little burn-out, plus I’m now beginning mileage as I start up for Fall Marathon season.

2.) It was pretty close between you and Allison. At what point did she pull away?

I love the front, and have always been a rabbit at shorter races and track workouts. And I could usually hang on in a 5K with a speedy sub 5:30 first mile, but not last night. As a rabbit I end up doing all the work and often pull the pack most of the way, only to get passed with just a short ways to go. This happened just before the 4 mile mark last week when I dropped from 1st to 3rd. Last night I was leading until about 2.4 miles in when my quads seized up. I decided to ease off, let her come around and do some of the pulling. But once I let her come by me, I lost the ability to change gears and pick it up again.

3.) Is that about the time you expected to run?

I was hoping for at least a 17:45, really a 17:35 would have been ideal on such a flat course. I was running consistent 17:40-ish 5Ks earlier this Spring - but I was just off last night.

4.) Have you run this race before? If so, what do you think of the switch from 5mi to 5k?

I have run the Sugar Bowl I think twice before. I won the 5 mile version 2 years ago, and missed the 2011 race because I was competing at the Marathon Sports 5 Miler in Weston on the same night. This year the 2 races were a week apart again, so I could do both.

I enjoyed the shorter version of this beachside course. The crowd and amenities were great. I went right out and did a 5 mile tempo after the finish, to get 10 miles in for the day - and I got to cheer in the last finisher. It was very special.

5.) What’s next for you? Will be racing at Carver?

I’m looking forward to Carver next weekend as part of the Grand Prix. I’m also racing in the New England Runner Pub Series and next Thursday’s Charles River Run Series 5K. Hoping to find some freshness in my legs for Carver though.

Doing a tempo after the race? That’s #OnTheLevel. Congrats again to Lindsay, and best of luck to her at Carver!

Jim Kane Sugar Bowl

Level Legion, the 2012 Jim Kane Sugar Bowl is in the books! It was the first event that the Level has officially worked and like I said last night, it was a blast. Why should I waste keystrokes telling you about it when you can just see for yourself?

As you probably picked up on in the video, the winners were:

Andreas Heilmann (BAA) - 16:05
Allison McCabe (GBTC) - 17:46
Congrats to them on fine performances!

We were lucky to meet many new people, including one celebrity: Vin Diesel. Yes, Vin Diesel ran, and did quite well. Who knew?

Vin Diesel attempts to resurrect his career

It doesn’t quite make up for The Pacifier, but it’s a solid race and a step in the right direction.

We were also lucky enough to get in touch with Lindsay Willard (BAA) this morning and do a quick Q&A with her. She finished second (22nd overall) and just twelve seconds behind Allison. There will be blog post coming with that.

We are excited to have gotten two solid interviews, one with Tim Catoggio (5th overall) and Jim Pawlicki (8th overall). It’s a new segment that has been dubbed On The Level and In The Car, because the wind was so bad that our only chance of capturing the audio was to duck into the Balance Mobile for a few minutes. I think it worked out quite well.

We wanted more interviews, but it’s tough when you’re a two man show and trying to simultaneously talk to people at the booth, tweet out to Level Legion, take pics/video and make sure the wind doesn’t clear your table off!

Level Event: Jim Kane Sugar Bowl 5k

Whatchyall doing this Thursday night? Say around 6:30? How about running a 5k in Boston and stopping by and saying hi to the Level crew?

Level Renner will be at the Jim Kane Sugar Bowl 5k in Dorchester, MA tomorrow night and hopes to see you there. We’ll have our own little area within the expo, currently allotted slot number 12 (tucked between New Balance and SporTobin). I don’t hesitate to call this area the cool kid’s table. This is going to be our first official presence at a race expo and we couldn’t be more excited about it. We even landed ourselves on the sponsor page. See?

Big Time, Baby!!!!!

This will not be our first time at an expo, no;  we did some guerrilla-style marketing at the Boston Marathon Expo. We’ve experienced tremendous growth since then and are looking forward to interacting within person.

Also on tap for tomorrow, Josh Campbell will be joining us there and taking some pictures of the runners that will make up the scene at the expo. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Josh, here’s a little something about him:

Hello Level Legion. My name is Josh Campbell, and I’m a photographer here in Boston that enjoys photographing runners and other athletes. I’ve done some work with Runner’s World magazine including a couple Rave Run photo spreads, some images in their calendar, and features on local runners. The funny thing is I’m not a runner and don’t know many of you (I enjoying pedaling my bike through the woods instead). I am always on the lookout for runners to collaborate with in creating some unique, dynamic, and authentic looking photographs. Please check out my online portfolio and send me an email if you are into working together ([email protected]). I am also excited to be working with the Level Renner crew and helping them out with some portrait and running images. Thanks, have an awesome day!

Here are some examples of his work:


This middle photo was taken in Harold Parker State Park in North Andover, MA. It caught my eye when I saw it in Runner’s World and I reached out to Josh when I saw some posts about it pop up on Facebook.


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