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Continuing our preview of the invited field for the Vermont City Marathon (5/29 in lovely Burlington, VT), we now throw the spotlight on Scott Traer. I’m ashamed to say I wasn’t too familiar with Scott before he blew by me about halfway through the Merrimack River Trail Race. It was intimidating watching him almost quite literally fly away from me on what appeared to be a breakneck downhill section. Scott went on to finish second in that trail championship, only seconds behind off-road beast Brandon Newbould. Here’s Scott’s profile, courtesy of the VCM website:

scott traer vt 100 ben kimball 7.29.15Town: Woburn, Ma
Originally from: Woburn, Ma

Occupation: Electrician
Club Affiliation: N/A
Sponsors: Cougar Shots
Recent Race Highlights: Vermont 100 2016 winner, North Face 50K Bear Mountain Winner Course Record, Fly to Pie Dirt Road Marathon (NorthEast Kingdom VT), Huss 50K (Worlds only 4 times finisher) , 2015 USATF 50K Road Championship 6th place
Marathon PR: 2:37 in 2015 at Vermont City Marathon

Other Racing Highlights: Selected to USATF National Team 24 Hour Running 2013

The roads might not quite be the natural habitat for this ultra trail beast, but he’s still capable of dropping elite level times. Beyond race results, we found out his strengths, goals and just what exactly is his favorite 6 oz beverage on this great big planet:

How have you been racing so far in 2016?

Merrimack Trail 10 Miler - 2nd place
Earth Rock Half Marathon - 1st 1:11

You ran very well at Merrimack. That race has some fairly flat, fast sections where some road leg speed would come in handy. Do you think it’s coming along? Were you able hold your ground on those sections vs the the more hilly, technical portions.

Merrimack was all flat. I put myself in a bad position to start the race and was 5 spots or so back on the turnaround. I made up a lot of time on the back but couldnt close the final 6 seconds. Just ran out of real estate.

What does it mean to be a part of the invited runner field?

I’m not a great road runner and am very excited to be an invited runner, I’ve worked hard to develop foot speed this spring and have pushed back the Ultra training. I hope to show that I deserve to be am invited runner.

What do you love most about the VCM?

Its very scenic with a super fast end, and of course Burlington is home to some mighty fine food and grog!

What goal are you aiming for?


What’s your biggest strength as a runner?

I run with a heart and head of happiness. When races get tough, I get happy!

What is your best race distance and why?

Anything really long on trails; pain over incredible amounts of time can be fun.

Are you shifting your focus more to the roads now for a little bit, or are you just focused on improving some times here and there?

I like running fast so the roads are fun but I’d rather be in the woods. It’ll be good way to lead into ultra training. I’ll be looking to compete for a win at the Cascade Crest 100 this August.

How does what you do off road translate to the roads (built up leg strength? mental toughness? focus over longer periods of time?)

The longer trail stuff does not translate well at all to shorter road stuff, its probably more debilitating. Putting in 2-4 hours of hard mountain running on a weekend takes some pop out of track workouts.

How do you juggle family, career and training all while competing at such a high level?

Juggling fam, career? I’m trying, it’s a work in progress!

In a race like this, what’s more important, time or place?

Race like this, its about time. Me vs the clock, I can’t compete for the win vs this field.

Do you have a nickname?

The Tuna Man

Go-to post marathon meal (celebration mode)?

Go to meal—huge salad, veg burger or slice of pizza, delicious Hill Farmstead beverages!

And finally…just what exactly is a Cougah Shot?

Cougah shots are an unpasteurized cereal grass (wheat or barley) juice mixed with other fresh pressed juices, herbs, seeds. The demand is overwhelming but I don’t have time to expand my production. It’s pretty much the greatest 6oz beverage on the planet!

Scott’s goal is the same as mine…hopefully we can both celebrate new PR’s over a Cougah Shot after the race! You can find more on Scott and the rest of the elite field here. More to come!

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