Reggie Lewis Center Missing $4.1 Million in Funding

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In an email that went out from the Mass State Track Coaches Association, we saw something quite disturbing (thanks to Eric Ashe for the heads up here):

“Money allocated to the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston was taken away by Governor Baker and DCAMM [state project group]. No reason, no explanation. We need everyone to copy and paste and US Postal Service this letter to the governor. We hope coaches, athletes, parents, alumni, former track & field athletes from across the state will do this.”

Needless to say, this is not a good development and would impact thousands of runners in the region if this wasn’t made right. So here’s your call to action…get this letter out to the Governor:


Governor Charlie Baker
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Office of the Governor
State House
Boston, Mass.

Dear Governor Baker:

I am a member of the Massachusetts Track & Field Officials Association and have recently become aware of the fact that the renovations of the Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Facility have come to a halt. I am very disappointed that you and DCAMM have withdrawn the rest of the funds needed to complete the project. I am shocked that you would do this to a project that was intended to protect the facility for future generations to use. I have been told that by holding out the funds you are jeopardizing the upgrade of the HVAC system, plumbing improvements, and upgrades that are necessary for the facility to meet state and city codes. This facility is used by hundreds of thousands of track and field athletes each winter from all over the state.

When one walks into the Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center, one sees a facility that has been has been kept in pristine condition. However, we know that the heating system is in trouble, the rollout stands are in trouble and have outlived their life cycle. We know the renovation project was NEEDED and the state agreed and granted the facility $5.7 million dollars to keep this facility up to standard and alive for future generations. Now we are very upset and believe that if you do not make a move and get the money back into the renovation project, the facility will start to become a risk for the athletes who use it to practice and compete.

I urge you to take the time in the very near future to review your decision to remove the funds and to make the decision to replace the funds necessary to finalize the project.



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