Impossible BQ’s & Improbable Audiences

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As you bask in the glow of the NFL double header, we just wanted to share a couple of our favorite running-related social media posts from the Legion that we saw over the weekend. First up is Matt Pelletier on his workout with Sam Alexander:

It seems like there’s been an uptick in activity from Matty P lately, ever since he got that UnTapped hookup. Is he overflowing with maple flavored energy? We suggest following him & Sam to keep up with the antics. Next up we have Lori’s BQ run: Lori's BQ 9.13.2015 Erie Marathon

Consider it a teaser for a future story. We need to hear the rest of that! We go to a bigger stage for this last one…



Sarah Bard, 4th at the 100k world championships while representing Team USA. How awesome is that?

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