Summer “Ends” With a Classic

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The runners gathered in Bare Cove Park in Hingham, MA on a beautiful Friday evening for what was called the End of Summer Classic. If it was truly the end of summer then it was a heck of a way to go out.

It was easy to spot the contenders on the starting line, and those assumptions were proved correct shortly after the gun went off.

For the men, it was down to Jonathan Joyce (WMDP) and Jordan Donnelly (Puma). The two of them had faced off at the Falmouth Road Race earlier in the month, but on that day it was Donnelly and his 38:03 who had finished up amidst the Western WMDP Wolf Pack (right in between Jason Ayr and Kevin Quadrozzi) while Joyce was further back in 39:48.

When the runners came into view again, it was Joyce who had control of the race:

Joyce had won last year’s edition in 26:36 and it was clear that winner was going to have to run faster than this time around. Jon was running in the 5:10 range had a little gap on Donnelly, who was looking to run a controlled effort more than an all-out race.

Shortly after the lead men came through, the top women made an appearance. Here was Biliana Mihaylova (CMS):

Next in was Jose van der Veen (GBTC). Same as with the men, the gap here wasn’t large and at this point the race was just over halfway through so anything could happen in the last 2+ miles.

Joyce ended up holding onto his lead and crossed the line in 25:50.

Donnelly came through next in 26:36:

Ladies ended up holding their positions as well. Here’s Biliana Mihaylova winning in 31:24:

Jose van der Veen next in 32:56:

Didn’t have time for proper post race interviews as we had to scramble to get back to the boat (which we missed), but we did get this with the winners:

That’s arguably even better than an interview.

This is a very well run event, with great amenities, a nice course and an all-around great race day atmosphere. Even the post-race reception was held at a country club. It was beautiful. If you do make the trek, might we suggest taking the boat from Boston Harbor?

Now that’s how you get to a race! Although if you’re actually running, might want to save that beer until the return trip.

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