Bobby Doyle Summer Classic Elites

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Here’s what we know about who’ll be racing in RI tomorrow morning for the Bobby Doyle Summer Classic 5 mile race…


Glarius Rop
Julian Saad
Matt Pelletier
Dan Vassallo
Bobby Allen (5th year UMass Lowell)
Liam Hillery (PC 5th year, no cross-country eligibility)
Trevor Crawley (PC junior, 14:13 5K)
Tom O’Neill (P.C sophomore, 14:31 5K)
Stephen Robertson (P.C. senior)
Louis Serafini (29:56 10K)
Brian Doyle is running however only doing a “tempo”  as he is coming back from injury

Word is that Eric Lonergan is probably not running, however he apparently will still be at the race. No word yet on whether or not his mom will be behind the wheel of a certain pickup, and until we know for certain we advise Matt Pelletier to have his head on a swivel. Last we heard, Sam Alexander was on the fence about competing. Hopefully he can swiftly stagger off the fence and jump into the race. Eric Macknight maybe stopping by the Pelletier’s house to clean, but we’re not sure if he’ll suit up for the race. Depends on how much cleaning he has to do.


Laura Nagel
Heather Cappello (owner of the 5th fastest time in race history)
Katie Cooper
Mariah Tinger
Katrina Vassallo
Molly Keating (senior at PC, might run)
Larissa Park
Kaitlin Sheedy

So that list is stacked with Craft Concept Racing Team women, but seeing that it’s a USATF-NE championship race there should be plenty of other teams there too. Odds are that Sisu will be there, but only Kacey Hill answered our roll call.

Unfortunately there’s not much out there for such a competitive race but there’s also this article, which provides more pre-race info along with some historical results:

Fast Times Expected at Bobby Doyle Summer Classic

We’ll be there tomorrow, doing our thing. Be sure to follow us via the usual channels…Twitter, Periscope, Facebook, Instagram…we got ya covered.

Thanks to Jim Dandeneau & Steve Mazzone for an assist in putting this together.

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