Run With the Beavers Trail Race

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Ryan Woolley beat out Greg Hammett for the win at the Run With The Beavers Trail Race in Chepachet, RI on July 18th.

Ryan ran a 1:03:40 and led his WTAC team to the win in the process. The WTAC edged out HAMMBOJALOOB by the margin of 3:17:02 to 3:28:11. We’re guessing runner up Greg Hammett was part of that team. Greg ran a 1:04:21.

For the ladies, Ildi Gaal (November Project) won a close one over Darcy Lucas. Ildi ran a 1:14:09 to Darcy’s 1:14:57. Abby Barker nabbed the last podium spot with her 1:18:38.

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There was also a 5 mile race, won by Jack Houlker (35:39) and Sarah Chapin (43:57).

Results can be found here.
Check out the amazing gallery by Scott Mason Photo.

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