New Course Record For Vassallo

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Congrats to Dan Vassallo, who had himself a busy couple of days. First Dan set a new course record at the FORR 5k on Thursday night. In fact, both Dan and his wife Katrina came away with wins; Dan ran a 15:05 for the win (and record) while Katrina ran an 18:29 and  Vassallo of Peabody, MA took down Harry Norton’s 7-year-old course record, winning the race in 15:05. Dan’s wife, Katrina Vassallo, won the women’s race in 18:29.

They were both back in action at the Level 10k on Sunday, where they had another set of strong showings in the notoriously brutal Brockton heat. Dan led the CMS men’s team to victory with his 32:50, second place finish. Obviously the time was much slower than Vassallo, a sub-30 10k guy, is capable of. But at least we got an entertaining tweet out of it.

Katrina ran a 41:16 and was part of the Craft Concept Racing Team which topped all other women’s teams. That was fast enough to place Katrina 7th out of the women and 43rd overall.

Finally, we got a mention in one of Dan’s regular morning tweets, which is a high honor:

That’s all for now. Gotta go to work.

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