Tattoos on Runners

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Back in the winter of 2014 (we published in article on tattoos in the winter, what were we thinking?!), we presented an “expose” of running-related tattoos. Now that some time has passed and people are bearing more skin, we thought we’d re-release this article and ask you, The Legion, if you have any additions to make to this collection. If you do, please share your photos in the comments section below, on the Tattoo thread on your Facebook page, or using the hashtag #LVLTATTOO on Twitter or Instagram.

And here is one more tattoo series from Seth Hasty that couldn’t fit into the above format:

Seth Hasty

  1. Brannock device.   Not sure if a plumber would get a plunger tattooed on his hand, but running shoes are my life, this is my tool of the trade.
  2. The Tattooed Marathoning Gentleman.    My artist drew this up after looking at some runners from the early 1900s, I thought it was awesome and was all about him doing this on my right thigh.  I guess if I traveled back in time, this would be me (bib #1979 is my birth year).
  3. Mizuno Wave Ronin.  My favorite shoe ever. All tattoos done at MADE RITE TATTOOS, Portland Maine.

And did you here that Matt Pelletier got inked with the VCM logo:

To read more from our Jan/Feb 2014 issue, click here.

To read our current issue, click here.

Like we said in the intro, we’d love to see your tattoo too.

Feature image courtesy of Joe Navas.

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One Response to Tattoos on Runners

  1. Mike says:

    I find tattoos disgusting, would never get one. Some of these are downright ugly, but if it floats their boat, more power to them. Live and let live.

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