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So as you may have heard, we were at the Vermont City Marathon on Sunday. The plan: tweet out updates, including leader info as well as video and pics as the wife Periscope’d the whole thing live on her phone. Per our phones, there was perfect (or near perfect) service so we thought we were good to go. And then basically nothing was getting through (for most of the race at least).

Only once we were able to latch onto a somewhat strong wifi signal via a certain hotel near the course were we able to load up the live videos that we posted on the Battery hill. Luckily the service was good enough to get out some more live material at the finish, too.

Anyway, back at home (and with solid wifi now) we’re seeing all the stuff in the queue that just didn’t go through earlier, some of it worth sharing. Here’s a couple of super fans that woke up super early to drive a couple of hours support some of their friends during the race:

Eric Macknight went on to run a 2:28:39 while Jeff Goupil unfortunately DNF’d (ran 2:08:37 through 20 mi though). Conditions weren’t exactly ideal out there, and most runners we spoke to attested to that. The results certainly showed it, as nobody hit the OTQ standard and it wasn’t really PR weather either.

We’ll have more on the race (once we clear up some other technical issues), but we’ll post some other “delayed live tweets” on our twitter feed today.

Featured image courtesy of the Last Hero and Only Hope.

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