Hightower’s Chess Game Continues

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All USATF members out there most likely got a gem of an email from the organization a couple of days ago, which opened with this:

USATF President Stephanie Hightower on Wednesday stepped down as chairman of the board, with the board selecting Steve Miller to replace her as chair.

This August, Hightower will stand as USATF’s nominee for election to the IAAF Council. The upcoming IAAF election and the transition of her role was the impetus for her decision to resign as board chair.

“As USATF President and our candidate for Council, I wish to help provide continuity and stability in leadership change as we move into the next phase of the IAAF election process,” said Hightower, who as USATF President will assume the role of board vice chair, in accordance with USATF bylaws. “Recognizing that to be successful at the IAAF I must devote significant time and effort to that endeavor, I submit my resignation as chairman of the USATF Board of Directors. It has been a true honor and privilege to serve as chairman, and I look forward to continuing to serve on the board as President and to actively pursuing a new role for USATF at the IAAF.”

Hightower was elected as USATF President at the organization’s 2008 Annual Meeting in Reno, Nevada. At its first meeting in March 2009, a newly constituted USATF board elected Hightower as chair. She was re-elected as USATF President in 2012, and the board most recently re-elected her to serve another two-year term as chair at the 2014 Annual Meeting in Anaheim, Calif. Miller will serve the remainder of that term as board chair, through 2016.

It went on to explore the resumes of Hightower and her puppet the replacement that was selected by her goons the board, but it’s not worth reading any of the important parts of the announcements let alone the droll filler that concludes it.

The headline to the email gave me hope, but the message itself was just depressing. Hightower continues to expertly position herself to selfishly grab as much power as possible. It’s tough to imagine the level of audacity required to maneuver in such ways, especially when the vast majority of the people that make up her constituency are staunchly opposed to her every move. I’m beginning to wonder if she thinks that nobody is noticing.

Maybe there’s some psychological issue at play here where she has issues with the way she perceives reality. For example, she thinks she’s a firefighter saving everyone from a burning building when in reality she’s the one burning down the house. Instead of opposing her we should be setting up some type of intervention.

What level of outrage from USATF members will it take to get her to stop this non-sense? What about resigning? We would probably need to march on the office with torches and pitchforks, and that ain’t happening. First of all, there’s no way you’d be able to fly with your own pitchfork these days so you’d have to get a new one once you got to Indy, and that’s a pain in the ass. Secondly, as enraging as this all is, people are probably caring less and less about it. If that last turns out to be true, and people are losing interest in the organization even more because of her, then that is a terrible thing.

So in closing, congrats Stephanie! Keep this up and you’ll be the president of nobody since we all would have left long ago to join the new TFAUS (logo will be a snapshot of Stephanie’s face, circled and with a line through it).

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