Training Update: Willard

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By Tim Ritchie

Over the last two weeks we have introduced you to a few local athletes who are gearing up for the Boston Marathon this April. These athletes are just like the rest of the Legion: working hard, braving the elements, and doing their best to keep it on the level. This week we check in on their training as they shed some light on what it was like to be in the middle of a marathon build up during one of the worst winters in New England memory.

Lindsay Willard

I always look forward to the spring marathon training season because I have so many friends and teammates all working on the same timeline, towards the same goal: Boston… but this year I’ve had serious workout envy. With all of the snow and icy road conditions, I’ve been quarantined to the elliptical, the water treadmill and the gym in general - so as not to further aggravate my hip and groin injuries. I’ve worked with some wonderful physical therapists - but I do miss running around in circles on Tuesday nights… around the river after work… down the hatch on weekends… and the tune up Grand Prix races.

This is all most people tend to see of Lindsay in races. Courtesy of Scott Mason Photo.

I’ve traded in my 70+ weekly mileage goals for double session days on the Arc Trainer, Progression Runs on my trusty Treadmill #4 at the work gym, 3 days of weight room and PT exercises, and 1 outdoor long run attempt on the weekend. I try to match my cross-training time with moderate run duration times - based on effort level. I’m super-grateful to my Spotify playlist and to treadmill dates with friends to get the workouts in and to remain positive.

This season is about adapting… your training program has to be flexible to your life, your body, your work, and all the surprises in between. Everyone’s journey is going to be different, but with an awesome shared destination.

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