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By Tim Ritchie

Over the last two weeks we have introduced you to a few local athletes who are gearing up for the Boston Marathon this April. These athletes are just like the rest of the Legion: working hard, braving the elements, and doing their best to keep it on the level. This week we check in on their training as they shed some light on what it was like to be in the middle of a marathon build up during one of the worst winters in New England memory.

Ian Wright

This year I’m attempting to follow some basic principals of the HADD training philosophy. HADD’s main argument in base-building is that most runners leave it too soon. Taking a look at any performance equivalency chart, many people have personal bests in shorter races that do not line up with longer races. Their shorter races predict a much faster longer race than they have run.

This is because they do not develop their aerobic base as much as they should. Until Marathon Pace and Anaerobic Threshold Pace are pushed to their upper limits they should stay in base-building. These paces increase through a lot of running at slower paces. Also, when training for a marathon, he believes that the main focus is fuel management, so even if you do push the efforts listed above up, there really isn’t as much of a need to train faster.

I’ve structured my week in minutes instead of miles. The intensity is based off heart rate but I won’t get into that. Right now, my week should look as such:

Monday: 60 minutes low aerobic

Tuesday: 75 minutes with a building continuous effort at Marathon Pace (ex. 20 Easy, 40 Marathon, 15 Easy)

Wednesday: 45 minutes low aerobic

Thursday: 60 minutes mid aerobic

Friday: 75 minutes with 2 building efforts at Marathon Pace (ex. 15 Easy, 25 Marathon, 5 Easy, 25 Marathon, 10 Easy)

Saturday: 45 minutes mid aerobic

Sunday: 90 minutes low aerobic, 30-45 minutes Marathon

Training has been tough the last 10 days, as my apartment sprung a leak. My wife and I have been living in a hotel the last week and as spring approaches I am traveling for work more. Ultimately, I’ve been getting about 75% of my running done.

The last couple weeks the paces have been getting faster at any given heart rate. The biggest indicator of fitness has been running The 5 College 10 Miler in 72 minutes and then coming through 10 at the New Bedford Half at 69 minutes continuing running that pace the last 5k as well. I’ll take those jumps even if this training philosophy feels too easy.

The goal for Boston is starting to take shape as the excitement grows coming towards the event.

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