Retro Kick: Alliette Closes out the Mile

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Kevin Alliette has the retro kick of the week this week. This clip was subject of some Facebook chatter that caught our attention a few days ago. Here are the last two laps from the mile at the BU Terrier Classic back on January 30, 2005.

That appears to be Rondell Ruff of Michigan that suffers the wrath of Alliette’s kick. Kevin ran a 4:07.65, which was at the time (and still is) his second best time in that event. Full results can be found here. Thanks to Jim Johnson for sharing, and also alerting us to Alan Webb’s facility record set that day (3:59.8).

Scanning the results you can see that Kevin’s former UMass Lowell teammate Nate Jenkins also ran that day and finished his mile in 4:17.72.  With the mile being added to the All Terrain Runner series in 2015, one wonders if Nate will make a go at besting that time from all those years ago.

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