Alliette Nails the Clinton Selfie

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There we were, just trying to shamelessly stuff our faces when in walked the circus.

Hillary Clinton stopped in NH to help out Jeanne Shaheen just before the midterm elections. Little did she know, a table full of recovering marathoners was chowing down on chicken fingers and one of them took the opportunity to get a Secret Service-friendly selfie.

My Whirlaway teammates and I had just run the Manchester City Marathon and we were wiped out. Chris Hamel, Kevin Alliette, and myself had spent the morning battling a fierce wind and a poorly designed turnaround in a fruitless attempt to help our team hold onto the top spot in the standings. Erick Colon and MrsEJN were out in the elements supporting us so they were pretty tapped too. To fill that void created by the loss, we ordered the largest chicken finger platters known to man. It was impossible to eat them all.

At one point our waitress came by and said Hillary Clinton was on her way in. Really? I thought she was a pathological liar that tried to make weird small talk. Turns out she was right! Media, cameras and of course security had soon filled up the place. On the way out Kevin and I took a closer look at the situation, and he carefully maneuvered himself to get the political selfie.

I was really hoping she’d get to our table before we left but she had way too many hands to shake before getting there. If the general public gets feverishly excited over your marathon completion, then how would a politician react with the cameras rolling? We could’ve been this year’s ‘Joe the Plumber’!

Here is the selfie in the making at the Puritan Backroom in Manchester on Sunday, 11/3/14.

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