ElliptiGo World Championships

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by Dave Dunham

I took home the bronze in the 50+ age group and 10th place overall at the ElliptiGo world championships in 1:24:45.  The race was held on September 27 in Palomar Mountain, CA.  The 11.7 mile course featured a grueling climb of over 4,200 feet.  The 5th annual race was won by former New England runner Rusty Snow who zipped to the top in 1:09:55.  The women’s race was won by Deborah Maier (Brooks Beast).

 Top 10


1.       Rusty Snow 1:09:55

Dunham kicking it in at the World Championships. Photo courtesy of Dave Dunham.

2.       Rick BIenias 1:10:25

3.       Darren Bronw 1:12:16

4.       Elliot Heath 1:16:59

5.       Jeff Mann 1:18:48

6.       Mike Dyon 1:19:38

7.       Bryce Whiting 1:23:00

8.       Simon Gutierrez 1:23:07

9.       Jordan Trump 1:23:20

10.   Dave Dunham 1:24:45

For complete results, click here.


Special thanks to Dave Dunham for providing this report. Double thanks for sporting the LVL singlet at a world championship event!

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