Saving Himself For Hartford

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We want the scoop on Matt Pelletier’s 2:18 marathon win at the Reykjavik Marathon in Iceland, but he’s on his honeymoon. In other words, we can’t pester him with interview questions. We’ll save that for when he gets back. Jim Dandeneau was quick enough on the trigger to get to Matty P right after the race and get this statement from him on how it all went down. And yeah, it makes it seem that much more awesome.

Not much to tell about the race. 3 of us showed up with the same plan-run as easy as possible to win. The 1st 10K we ran as a group with me leading and a few 1/2 marathoners sprinkled in too. I was just trying to drop the marathoners so I could slow down and save myself for Hartford. When they finally fell off by 10K, I pushed for a few more K’s to make sure they wouldn’t come back on me. At 16K, I saw my split and realized I was running pretty quickly. If I was going to go for it, I needed to make the decision soon. I took a self evaluation, and decided that I could continue to push on by myself and hopefully break 2:18. There were some windy stretches, and hilly sections, but I never really slowed down. When I saw the finish clock, I knew it would be really close and was sprinting to try and make it. I had to weave around the 10K and 1/2 marathon finishers. They weren’t even ready for me at the finish. Just as I was about to cross the line in full sprint, they decided to try and get a finish tape up for me to break and I plowed through them.

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