Sang Gets His Turn

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Amos Sang won the 2014 Level Renner 10k, and it looked like he owned it. Sang ran a 30:34 and absolutely cruised to victory. After being relegated to the role of spectator in 2013 (due to injury issues), he finally got his crack at it and made the most of it. What he was hoping for was a showdown with last year’s winner, Ruben Sança, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. He didn’t threaten Ruben’s 29:54 from last year, but maybe next year we’ll get a showdown between the two front runners.

Here’s our interview with Amos, with Jim Dandeneau taking the lead:

Cover shot by Scott Mason Photo. Be sure to check out more of Scott Mason’s work (and consider purchasing). More images also available by Krissy Kozlosky at her SmugMug page.

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