Adapt & Overcome

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Andrea Denney & Adrienne LeClair quickly emerged as the frontrunners when we put out the call for the next featured runner in the 2014 New England Running Company Road Race series. Sure, getting a new pair of Brooks running shoes was quite enticing, but we’d like to think the winner’s time in the Level spotlight had more to do with it.

Adrienne helped her sister Andrea get the win but that was only the beginning. Next came the pre-race intro interview followed by the big one: the race. Andrea, who’s still a relative newcomer to the sport, did what Marines do: adapt and overcome. During the race Andrea suffered an asthma attack and instead of dropping out she fought through it and still finished the 10k course in just over 68 minutes. She must’ve made her Marine husband Michael proud.

Meanwhile, her older sister Adrienne was further up the field and actually ended up getting third in her age group (running a 46:38). It’s only fitting that we include both of them here since it was a team effort to get them to this point.

Definitely have to thank Brooks for backing this. Andrea ended up with the addiction, while Adrienne has been rocking the Dyad for a while now. They are a Brooks family!


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