Fullerton, Kamunya High Street Mile Champions

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By Mike Giberti

USATF-NE Winners Fullerton and Park. Photo credit: Jean Cann

The High Street Mile in Newburyport, MA served as the USATF-NE 1 Mile Road Championship yesterday. Though this was not a scoring event in the Grand Prix, it did draw a pretty fast crowd. Pat Fullerton (New Balance) took home the Men’s title in 4:03.1 while Alice Kamunya (Adirondack Athletic Club) broke the tape in the Women’s race with a 4:40.2. Not to mention this is Pat’s second straight year winning this event as he impressed us with a 3’58” last year. Since the top two women were not USATF membership holders in the New England region, Larissa Park (Somerville Road Runners) won the women’s USATF-NE title with her 5:25.7, third overall performance. Chris Blondin (Greater Boston Track Club) and Terry Ballou took home the Master’s titles in 4:27.8 and 5:25.9 respectively.

USATF-NE Master’s Winners Chris Blondin and Terry Ballou. Photo credit: Jean Cann

Enjoy some race footage of the Men’s Championship race courtesy of Joe Molvar:

Check out full results of the race

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