Nod to the Past

Had the good fortune of meeting a couple of former Team USA runners back on July 14th. They were there as part of the grand opening of the new trail running addition to the New England Running Company in Beverly, MA. On the left if Julie Menosky, although some of you might be more familiar with the name she was racing under at the time (Peterson), and on the right is Christy Cosgrove.

Menosky made it as a mountain runner and Cosgrove was an ultra runner. At first Christy made herself sound like a casual runner, but once a badass always a badass (and making Team USA for the 100k is pretty badass). Christy also was a DIII All-American in the 3000m back in the day at what was then SMU (now UMass Dartmouth).

While our focus is on current happenings, it’s always good to give a nod to the past and hopefully familiarize people with some of the names.

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