Capturing a Blur

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We thought we were done with the Cranmore Hill Climb coverage. We lied. We have more. Joe Viger was there and did some pretty cool things with his camera. By now many of you have probably seen the motion blur pics of some of the finishers. Joe put up a blog post on his site explaining what went into making those and it is a pretty interesting read. Here’s an excerpt:

When I photograph a race, a goal is to try to get a strong photo of every competitor. Strong for me means sharp focus with the person looking athletic against a great background. Many times because of the logistics of the course layout, you get one chance and if you miss it, you don’t have a photo of that athlete.

At the recent Cranmore Hill Climb, the course layout provided several great opportunities to photograph nearly the whole field. This allowed me to be a little more creative and as folks ran the home stretch to the finish, that meant making some panning shots and taking advantage of the wonders of motion blur.

Click here to read the full blog post. Finally, Joe put together this video made up entirely of still shots. It was especially great for us to see it because we couldn’t get footage from out on the course. This is a very nice start/finish area footage that we got:

Check out Joe’s work and maybe purchase a some for yourself. They also make a great gift for that runner you know who prefers the mountains and trails to the roads.

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