Rop Runs Away with Gaspee Days

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Rop wins Gaspee

This past Gaspee Days 5K was the 49th Annual. This race seems to embody America so we thought it appropriate to post this report on the 4th of July. Happy Independence Day everyone! This race is about as American as apple pie. Go ahead and take a big bite out of it.

The Skinny

The field was down right fast. The top 4 men ran 15:39 or faster. They were Glarius Rop (14:25), Matt Pelletier (15:23), Pat Moulton (15:32), and Adam Malek (15:39). On the women’s side, Katie Moulton won in 17:24. She was followed by Samantha Roecker (17:41), Kaitlin Wilson (18:29), and Jeptui Cherutich (18:47).  We managed to catch up with some of the top performers post-race. Interesting behind the scenes stuff here including wrong turns and a possible shout at a course record. Let’s listen in to what they have to say.

Matt Pelletier:

I did take a wrong turn and Adam Malek and Pat Moulton followed me. I’ve run that course a hundred times. I just wasn’t paying attention. I was more interested in what was going on behind me since I had just passed Adam on the downhill before the turn, and I knew Pat was still there. It happened around 1.5 miles where you turn into a neighborhood. The course makes a shirt trip from the main road, 3 left turns and a right, and you’re back on the same main road. I turned at the street before (the one you’re supposed to come out of). I made it to the end of the road before anyone said anything about going the wrong way. When I turned around, Adam was a few steps behind, and Pat had just rounded the corner, so the wrong turn moved me from 2nd to 4th. Glarious Rop wasn’t even in sight when I turned. We all made a 180, retraced our steps, and got back on the correct course. I caught and passed Adam within a minute, but it took me until 2 miles on the big hill to catch Pat. I figure it added about 10 seconds to the overall time. It was completely my fault. Adam and Pat just followed me.

Pat Moulton:

I haven’t raced too much so didn’t know what to expect. Rop went from the gun and never was challenged. I settled into a group with Matt Pelletier and Adam Malek. We hit the first mile in 4:50. Matt and Adam picked it up shortly thereafter and put a few seconds on me. Just before the turnaround section of the course Matt and Adam unfortunately took a wrong turn and had to double back. I saw the course official start waving his arms just in time to avoid following them and found myself in second. Matt quickly caught back up and passed me. I just tried to keep him in sight and finish as strong as I could.



Glarius Rop:

It was one of days; I was feeling great before the race. I kinda did constant splits,although I learned the possibility of breaking the course record halfway. I tried to push it but  it was to0 hot and humid for me.. I should go for it next year!

Special thanks to Scott Mason for his excellent photography. See his complete Gaspee 5K Album here.


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