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It’s about time for a Champion of Champions. There is a new series in town, and luckily it involves many high profile championship races that you’ll already be doing. This USATF-NE series will feature the championship events from across the spectrum of distance running in our sport. In some cases we couldn’t include all the championships (like the road Grand Prix series, for example) so we picked one from each.

The schedule is…

5/4 - Trail - Sleepy Hollow
7/6 - Mountain - Loon Mt
9/14 - Road - Lone Gull 10k
Early November - Cross Country - New England’s

Outdoor Track: For outdoor track it will be done a bit differently. There will be a qualifying window open where people can basically chase times. The window would be open roughly from 5/1 through the date of club nationals (end of July 11-12th). For 2014 the magical event will be the 5k, run virtual meet style at any USATF certified track meet. For those wanting in on this series, just submit your time and we’ll add it to the list. Afterwards, we’ll rank fastest to slowest and score like a road race. Race a track 5k as much as you want, but we’ll only include your fastest time.

Add up your scores from each race in the series, and the person with the most points will be making a strong case for calling themselves the best all-around runner in New England. Think you have what it takes to conquer any terrain?

Rules and prizes (for open and age groups) will be announced shortly in an official announcement. This is just a teaser to wet your whistle. Start marking down the dates on your calendar and get ready for some more heated competition.

Intrigued? We hope. More info coming very very soon.

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