Zillmann Conquers the Level Renner 1000

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We enjoyed our experience sponsoring the 3k at the GBTC Invitational last year (the first ever Level Renner 3k) that we wanted in again this year. Only this year Saucony found their strong and we could only keep it on the level, so Saucony got the 3k and we took over the 1k. That’s okay, because although we generally cover the long distance guys & gals, we embrace the opportunity to put our mid-distance brethren in the spotlight.

Unfortunately we couldn’t be there this year due to scheduling conflicts, but lucky for us Mike Giberti was there. Not only did Mike cover the Level Renner 1k, but he ran the damn race too! That’s keeping it on the level.

That horse out in front is none other than Ryan Zillmann. Ryan ran a 2:29.44 for the win.  Garrett O’Toole was out in front for most of the race but Ryan played his hand right and was able to  overtake Garrett in the last 200m.

For a little more about the race, here’s an interview with the Citius NY athlete Ryan himself:

Our field reporter extraordinaire Mike Giberti ran a 2:41.18 and finished 7th. Other notable performances on the day:


Invitational Mile: Sydney Fitzpatrick, New Balance Boston - 4:52.35
Invitational 3k: Katrina Spratford, NE Distance - 9:49.51


Invitational Mile: Alex Wallace, New Balance Boston - 4:12.17
Invitational 3k: Dan Vassallo, Central Mass Striders - 8:34.05

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