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Prioritize Your Recovery

December 31, 2016

  It being January 1, we thought it a good idea to suggest a resolution...

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A Deal With the Devil

June 17, 2015

Guest blog by Michael Wade When I decided to run (then proceeded to dedicate my...

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Alliette Nails the Clinton Selfie

November 12, 2014

There we were, just trying to shamelessly stuff our faces when in walked the...

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Training Doesn’t Occur in a Vacuum

May 10, 2014

As a runner, one of the most difficult concepts to understand is the idea that...

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Necessary Evil: Managing Fatigue

January 31, 2014

Training is like trying to walk a tight rope. You need to balance putting in...

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Making Sense of Easy Days

December 19, 2013

Distance runners spend most of their time focused on what we all call...

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Real Recovery

November 21, 2013

But why could I still compete while others hung up their spikes? Simple: I...

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Marathon Recovery

October 26, 2013

How to Recover from a Marathon Guest Blog by Jeff Gaudette of RunnersConnect...

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Benefitting From a Workout

September 13, 2013

It’s the question all runners want to know – “how long will it be before...

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In Workout Recovery Time

August 29, 2013

To the Legion I’m proposing a second layer of data to log: Recovery Time. Of...

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