Legion Profile: Laura Hagley

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This profile of Laura Hagley first appeared in our Nov/Dec 2015 issue.

Laura Hagley at the An Ras Mor 5K. Photo by Joe Navas.

Laura Hagley is a creature of habit and when it comes to recording data she could give Dave Dunham a run for his money. It’s fair to say that this profile, laden with numerical nooks and crannies, would leave Bill James’ mouth agape should he avert his cybermetric eyes from baseball to running. She logs all calories and nutrients (both macro and micro) in a fitness app and logs every run. “If I turn off my GPS, the mileage doesn’t count,” she half-jokes. At 0500 every morning, she is out for a run as if it were as simple as brushing her teeth. Post run, she eats one homemade pancake. She does this every single morning.

When not running or recording data, she works as a physical therapist and director of rehabilitation services at Valley Regional Hospital in Claremont, NH. “I live in a ‘physical therapy’ world at home too,” she says, “My husband, Greg, twin sister, and husband’s sister are also physical therapists. Can I have just one running photo without a biomechanical commentary, please?”

Hagley also enjoys cooking when not running or working and hopes to write a cookbook someday. “It takes nearly all of my time outside running, working, and sleeping to feed myself with unprocessed foods that are Celiac-gluten free,” she says.

Read below for more details on Hagley, who placed second in the open division of the USATF-NE GPS.  Ω

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