Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10K Hosting Collegiate 10k Championships

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Always good to hear from our friends over at the Collegiate Running Association. This latest has to do with their upcoming 10k road race championship:

We are gearing up for the 2017 Collegiate 10K Road Race Championships to be held April 1 in Richmond, VA.  For the 4th consecutive year the Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10K will serve as host.  The championships are open to anyone taking at least 1 college course since January 1st of this year (CC, on-line, undergraduate, graduate and post graduate classes are accepted.).  This event offers $10,000 in prize money specifically reserved for college students (permissible under 2013 NCAA D1 legislation…See Below…Note D2 & D3 legislation is not the same as D1.) and will also host a ConnectCRA event afterwards.

College Student Prize Money (Men/Women)











If you or someone you know would be interested in competing, send requests to the Collegiate Running Association at:

Race details are located on our website ( along with eligibility requirements.

For those wondering how collegiate athletes can be eligible for these prizes:

How are current NCAA Division I athletes allowed to accept prize money from the Collegiate Running Association at national championship events?

The following set of NCAA rules (effective 8/1/2013) allow current Division I athletes in individual sports (such as Cross Country and Track & Field) to accept prize money based on performance, in an amount up to actual and necessary expenses for the calendar year (January-December).

Article of the NCAA Division I Manual states:

            “Exception for Prize Money Based on Performance – Sports Other Than Tennis. In sports other than tennis, an individual may accept prize money based on his or her place finish or performance in an athletics event. Such prize money may not exceed actual and necessary expenses and may be provided only by the sponsor of the event. The calculation of actual and necessary expenses shall not include the expenses or fees of anyone other than the individual.”

Article 12.02.3 gives an understanding on how to calculate the actual and necessary expenses.

            “Calculation of Actual and Necessary Expenses – Individual Sports. In individual sports, the calculation of an individual’s actual and necessary expenses shall be based on expenses incurred during each calendar year (January-December), rather than on an event-by-event basis.”

Article 12.02.2 states permissible expenses:

            “Actual and Necessary Expenses. Actual and necessary expenses are limited to:

1.     Meals;

2.     Lodging;

3.     Apparel, equipment and supplies;

4.     Coaching and instruction;

5.     Health/medical insurance;

6.     Transportation;

7.     Medical treatment and physical therapy;

8.     Facility usage;

9.     Entry fees; and

10. Other reasonable expenses

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