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This Legion Profile of Kevin Carnabucci first appeared in the May/June issue of our magazine.

Name: Kevin Carnabucci
Age: 43
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 165
Nickname: Bucci
Residence: Stoneham, MA

Carnabucci at the New Bedford Half Marathon. Photo by Scott Mason.

Day Job: Columbia Threadneedle Investments – NSCC Trading Team
High School: Malden Catholic
College: Northeastern University
Club: Greater Lowell Road Runners
Average Miles per Week: 40-50

Notable Masters PR’s:
1m – 4:57 (BU Mini Meet 2016)
5k – 17:08 (An Ras Mor 2016)
10K – 37:06 (USATF Club XC Nationals 2015)
Half – 1:22 (New Bedford Half 2016)
26.2 – 3:09 (Boston Marathon 2015)

USATF Club XC Nationals
Lone Gull 10K
New Bedford Half Marathon
USATF-New England XC Championship (really anything at Franklin Park)
SRR 26 X 1 mile Club Challenge Relay

Workouts: Other than long runs with hills I haven’t done any real workouts since I got back into running a few years ago. We have a great long run group that starts from my house on the weekends. That run sometimes turns into a workout. Don’t want to name drop on the level, but these guys: Chris Hancock, Shawn Conway, Mike Girouard, and Dan Princic are the usual suspects. If you ever want to join us, message me.

Places to Run:
Charles River
Spot Pond Loop
Herring Cove in Provincetown
1 mile Fells Reservoir loop

Running Shoe: NB 1400 V1 and NB rc1600
Workout Songs: I’m all over the place. Anything by The Killers, Kendrick Lamar, RHCP, Rick Ross, Beastie Boys, Sublime, and Weezer works.
Book: Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts, Marathon Man by Bill Rodgers and Matthew Shepatin.
Hobbies: While I like working out, most of my free time is spent with my two boys, ages 6 and 10. I coach two basketball teams and one basketball clinic (October through March) and then two baseball teams (April through June), so I’m at a gym or field often.

Running Intangibles
Training Philosophy: Run lots, mostly easy, sometimes hard, but always run at a time when it doesn’t interfere with family time.
Prerace Ritual: I like to go out to eat with my wife and kids the night before a race, have maybe one or two adult beverages and a nice dinner. Day of the race: bagel w/ peanut butter and a Trenta Starbucks Cold Brew.

Career High/Lowlights
Lowlight: Going from a half decent runner and basketball player to a guy who stopped everything and toppled the scales at 247 lbs. I remember going to the doctor for a physical and he asked me if I wanted to see my sons grow up because I was in such awful health. I joined a gym that following Monday and haven’t stopped since.
Highlight: Pre-masters: Running for Brother Dan Cremin at Malden Catholic. He took a punk kid hockey player from Malden and turned him into a pretty decent runner. I still thank him for what he and the late Brother Sullivan did for me during my time at MC. Masters Highlight: 4:57 mile at age 42, which was 22 years and almost 80 pounds after the last time I went sub 5. Boy did that feel good!

Goals: Sub 3:00 at the 120th Boston Marathon and a sub 17:00 5K. Try to lower my times from the mile through half. Sub 37:00 at Club XC Nationals in Tallahassee.

Proudest Moments: Non-running: Watching my beautiful wife Ivy giving birth to our boys Jordan and Ian. Running: BQ’ing at VCM a month after struggling at the 118th Boston.

Best Distance Runners of All Time: That’s a tough one, but for me it’s Bill Rodgers, Geoff Smith, Joan Benoit Samuelson and Deena Kastor.

Local Running Role Models: John Barbour and Kara Haas. It truly is amazing what John and Kara have accomplished and continue to do.

Carnabucci (waving) hamming it up at the LVL10K. Photo by Scott Mason.

Oddest Thing That’s Ever Happened to You on a Run: On one of my lunch runs around the Charles I was going over the Fiedler Bridge and a guy was standing on the bridge talking to an imaginary person next to him. I mean he was in a great conversation with this person joking and laughing and I kind of froze. I didn’t know what to do because I had to get around the two of them. Now if I passed the guy was I running over his friend? I didn’t want to be rude so I just slid between them and I said excuse me. The man responded, “We excuse you and thanks.” Now I see this guy all the time in the Commons, he doesn’t remember me and I know he’s battling an illness, but that day on the Bridge I think we made each other’s day.

Advice for The Legion: I’m pretty sure I’m not qualified to give advice to the Legion after all I’m just a guy trying to break 3:00 in the marathon on 40-50 miles a week, but I will leave you with this: “Maybe you are a grinder who wants to grind. If that’s the case, then you don’t need a 9-month training plan, you just need to make running like brushing your teeth. Run lots, mostly easy, sometimes hard. You find the time, squeeze it in. Start counting the miles in months, get weary, get the lines on your face, the aches in your joints. Drink coffee like it’s your job. You run today, every day, unconcerned whether it might take 9 months or it might take 5 years or it might take 10 years. It rains on you. The sun burns your face. The running gets all mixed up with the rest of your life, even attached to the heart of your being. People look at you sorta funny and wonder if you are sick. You walk upstairs at your job and you feel your muscles like cords, taught and straining, tired and strong. Even your heart sometimes feels tired, walloping away in that bird-chest.” – Jeff Edmonds from his blog The Logic of Long Distance.


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