Top Logged Activity of 2016

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Saw an interesting infographic over on the Under Armour blog. There’s a whole lot information there featuring statistics compiled from user activity data. The most logged activity of the year? Surprise, surprise…running. There were 235 million running workouts logged vs 120 million for cycling. Of course, those running numbers can be padded due to the warm up/cool down effect. Every race or workout all of a sudden turns into 3 logged activities on those fitness platforms for a lot of runners out there (my warm ups get mad likes, yo).

Other random facts: 9% of the US workouts came from CA, hiking was the fastest growing activity type (78% bump!), and people get more sleep on the weekends (with an interesting side effect).

Then there’s this regarding the food:

Very interesting. Never would’ve guessed that the cucumber would be the top vegetable. And those poor chickens! They clearly suffered the most, but I guess it’s their fault for being so damn delicious. I wonder how many of those eggs came from Newbould Farms? According to the blog, the numbers indicate the amount of times the food was logged, not the quantities. Quantities would be absurd. People count their blueberries? But they’re so damn small I’m guessing 26.7 million would equal a couple of handfuls.

Check out the full story for more.

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