The Numbers Don’t Lie

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But what are they saying? DD take a closer look at some stats related to the USATF-NE Grand Prix Series

Dave Dunham did a pretty tremendous job of compiling stats and combing through the numbers related to the 2016 USATF-NE Grand Prix series and if you’re like me and have seen them already, you’ve probably gone back to view them a few times. Whether you’ve seen them or not, consider this your handy shortcut guide to the various links.

Some surprising stats in there, including:

  • GLRR had the most unique finishers (136)
  • The BAA had the most individual cash won ($5,075), but CMS took home the most team cash ($2,250). In fact, CMS had nearly double the BAA team cash.
  • The 5k had the most participants (not really a surprise) but the half marathon nearly matched that number
  • Men outnumbered the women?! A little surprising because most pieces on race participation numbers nationwide seem to say that women outnumber the men. Smaller sample size here, but still a little surprising that the gap was that big (60/40).

For more detail:

Clubs who participated in the Grand Prix – unique finishes

Grand Prix participation by age groups

Breakdown of Grand Prix race participants

Year end USATF NE grand prix $$$$

Who won the individual money in the USATF NE Grand Prix?

The committee met tonight, along with club representatives, to come up with the final slate for the 2017 series so hopefully we’ll have more on that to report soon.

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