Hartford Marathon Quick Hits

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Some local press you should check out from the Hartford Marathon this past weekend. First up…

Brian Harvey, Farmington’s Liz Ryan Hartford Marathon Winners

“Brian Harvey of Boston, Mass., was the men’s marathon winner in 2:17:56, followed by Matt Pelletier of Sterling, who won the 26.2-mile race in 2014 but has finished second three times (2013, 2015, 2016). Pelletier was second in 2:19:37 Saturday and collapsed at the finish line and had to go to the medical tent due to severe leg pain. Scott Leslie of Rutland, Mass. was third (2:24:00).”

The article goes into more detail around Matty P’s ordeal, for those interested. The fact that he ran sub-2:20 with his legs in that bad of shape means Matty’s got more balls than those disease filled tubs at Chuck E. Cheese’s. Not to take anything away from Harvey’s win though; to run that time solo in the latter third of the race is very impressive. Since Harvey was one of New England’s Finest, he can now make it rain like Pacman Jones circa 2007 if he so chose. Live it up, Harvey!

Another one to check out:

Brian Harvey wins 2016 Eversource Hartford Marathon; Female winner is Elizabeth Ryan

“Hartford marathon officials declared two winners Saturday morning.”

Ya know something…it might’ve been a stretch to include that link. The headline seems sort of awkward. Not really much there. But what we can do here instead is point out the fact that the top three in the women’s race were ridiculously close:

Liz Ryan – 2:45:58
Amanda Marino – 2:46:21
Leah Frost – 2:46:56

Talk about close! That’s pretty tight for a marathon. This proved to a be a productive trip back home for Liz, who is now in a PhD program out in CA.

Lastly, check out the photo gallery from the always amazing Scott Mason. Picture here is the women’s masters champ Leslie O’Dell, who ran a 2:57:34 and was the 12th woman overall…and wearing the Level colors! You’ll also find pics of the men’s masters champ, one Michael Stadolnik. Michal was 7th overall and ran a 2:35:48.


One more thing…check out our race quick report which includes our video highlights that we tweeted out. The Mrs was quite sick but still ended up getting the good stuff and sending it out to the Legion.

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