Closing the Book on the 2016 Level Renner 10K

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The Level Renner 10k finish line tape was busted (figuratively) in Brockton, MA nearly two weeks ago now, but we’ve had some time to reflect on the race’s successful 4th edition. The course records held by Ruben Sança (29:54) and Rosa Moriello (35:35) withstood some fierce competition and will be awaiting next year’s batch of challengers. A couple of records were set, but before we get into those we’d like to take a moment to honor a couple of streakers…

Don’t worry, this version of streaking is totally on the level so you don’t have to worry about it being NSFW.

Peter Buhl
Jim Pawlicki
Joe Shairs
Mike Narcisi
Kyle Crayton
Rich Paulsen
Vincent Piarulli

*Please note that query was used to compile this so if you who ran all four races, but had your name misspelled in the results for one of them then you won’t show here. Contact us and we’ll add you to the list!

Kudos to all streakers! We definitely appreciate the continued support. While there unfortunately aren’t any women on that list, the ladies put up strong showings throughout and some etched their names into the record books. Here are the marks that were lowered this year, and the impressive women who did it:


Diana Bowser broke the women’s masters’ record via 39’05, and was part of the Craft Concepts Racing machine that dominated the team competition.


Margaret Pendergast got the women’s veterans record at 47’12


Theresa Tattersall got the women’s 70+ at 63’16.

Not Quite a Record But…

Greg Putnam has the top three master’s times ran on the course in his three attempts. In fact, his 34:40 this year was his slowest effort (but definitely not slow and still fast enough for an easy win). Greg’s 33:58 masters CR from 2014 could stand for a while.

Team Competition


The Dream Team of Dan Vassallo, Sam F., Greg Putnam, Jim Pawlicki and Joe Shairs won quite handily over the Joe Byra-led Greater Lowell squad. Vassallo was 2nd overall in 31:50 and led the CMS men to a 28 minute margin of victory.


Perhaps we should’ve saved the term ‘Dream Team’ for the Craft Concepts Racing ladies? Hilary Dionne, Kaitlin Sheedy, Bev Antunes and Melanie Schorr did the scoring, although newly minted masters record holder Diana Bowser wasn’t too far back as the Craft ladies swept the top 5 women’s spots overall. In fact, Hilary Dionne was so fast that her winning time was damn near good enough to score for the winning men’s team. Both her and Joe Shairs ran a 36:37, but Joe had a step on her at the end.

Check out our twitter feed for more on the race, or lock into the #LVL10k hashtag for quicker glance at all the important highlights.

Our interviews with winners Neal Darmody and Hilary Dionne can be found in a previous post.

Results had been up on Coolrunning, but they seem to not be there any more so you can now find them at the 3C Race Productions site:

Full results

Team results

Age Group results

Lastly, we were lucky enough to have a couple of photographers there capturing all of the excitement. Check out their galleries and consider making a purchase:

Scott Mason Photo

Level Renner 10k 2016.07.17 Mason Sheedy Dionne

Krissy Kozlosky

Level Renner 10k 2016.07.17 Kozlosky Narcisi

Also, gotta give credit here to Mike Giberti for compiling the stats for this piece.


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