Ayr Runs Well, Loses Bet

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Is the Level Legion developing a gambling problem? First Tom Derderian lost his shirt, now Jason Ayr will temporarily lose control of his Instagram account.

Ayr had a bet with his WMDP teammate Nico Naranjo. Ayr lost that bet. But we shouldn’t lose site of the fact that he still ran a pretty good race. Jason finished 6th overall in a JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge field that had plenty of depth. But…Jason’s 17:34 missed the 17:30 mark that the bet was focused on.

The race and more are all covered in this, the first of our Sunset Interviews on the Charles series. Enjoy:

Lesson learned: be careful not to make any big bets after running a sick workout with Ruben Sança. For more on this race, including race footage, check out: Couture, Donahue Up to the Challenge.

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