Rivera Gets a Big PR at Stu’s 30k

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Level Legion: Boston Marathon Edition

February Race Recaps: The Level Legion has been hard at work training through one of the toughest and coldest winters of late. Fitting then that the Legion be equally tough and ice cold on the start line of their February Boston tune-up races. Whether one is trekking through the New Hampshire snow, winning a debut 20-miler, representing the home team at a local race, pushing along a 5 month old companion or simply putting in the steady work, this past month has brought along some great races. You have already heard from Scott, who decided that if you can’t beat this winter, might has well don the snowshoes and have at it. Now we bring you some more perspective on just how racing has been fitting in to the training plan as Boston inches ever closer.

Jose Rivera

Stu’s 30k (Clinton, MA) – 137/393, 2:34:09 (8:16/mi)

Boston Legion RiveraThis past weekend, I ran Stu’s 30k as part of my training for Boston. This is a club race and it’s a must do if you are a Central Mass Strider and if you are running Boston.

I ran this race last year and I really struggled. This race has quite a few hills and the last hill on this course did me in last year. This year I was determined to conquer Stu’s and finish strong. Luckily for me, I had two friends keep me company throughout the whole race. Our conversations (it was mostly me talking…. LOL) made the time fly by at least for the first half of the race. The second half, though still running strong, was less talking and more focusing on running.

I found the race a bit easier this year than last year. When I came up to that last hill, physically I was spent, but mentally I kept on pushing. As I approached the finish line, I could see my wife and kids waiting for me, I could see a couple of my friends cheering me on. What great feeling that was! I crossed the finish line at 2:34:09 – a 9 minute PR from last year!

Everything was perfect about this race. The weather was right, traffic was light, there was enough water stops and the volunteers did an excellent job! Can’t say enough about the volunteers! CMS did a great job putting this race together! I was very pleased with the outcome.

Next race on schedule for me is The Tri-Valley Runners “Boston Tune-Up 15k”, though I might add one more race somewhere between now and then.

Editor’s Note: Francis Cusick (1:48:58) and Steph Reilly (2:05:21) won Stu’s 30k.  Word is that Steph won’t be returning to New Bedford to defend her crown this March. She may want to reconsider after winning this one. Good luck to Jose at the Boston Tune-Up 15k!

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