Tim Ritchie: The Real Deal Interview

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Tim Ritchie will be making his marathon debut on the big stage: the Boston Marathon. Tim ran for Boston College and even works at Heartbreak Hill Running Company, so it’s safe to say that this is his home course.

As you may have heard, Abdi, Hall and Meb all dropped out of the race. While this greatly affects the chances of an American winning the whole thing this year it leaves the door open for another American to make a name for themselves (see: Jason Hartmann, 2012). While Jason will be back this year, he may not be the only one to watch.

Tim is more focused on place and wouldn’t give a goal time, but a quick look at the conversion charts in the old Daniels’ Running Formula tells us that Tim is capable of anywhere between a 2:12-2:14. A number in a book is one thing, but to actually do it is quite another. Tim has been adding impressive showings at big races to his resume for a while now, including three top-five finishes at national championships in 2012 (the 15k, half marathon and ten mile races). Not too long ago he finished 6th at the 2013 15k national championships.

I met with Tim this morning on the Common for a quick interview to get his thoughts leading up to the race. This one lasts little longer than six seconds and is about more than just hand gestures:

Feature image courtesy Davenport Photography.

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