BU Mini Meet #3 Recap

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Guest blog by Allison Lynch

Saturday, December 29th marked the third and final meet of the BU Mini Meet series. It simultaneously marked my first time competing at one of these events, and I can definitely say that I wasn’t used to the feel of the overall meet, but for good reasons. Why? Well, for starters, there must have been a sixty-year age range between all the competitors. I think I raced against a 12-year-old. Actually, I did race against a 12-year-old. Her name was Katie Rozen and she ran a 6:28.34 mile. Ok, she wasn’t in my heat, but she still ran the mile and the whole place was cheering for her as she pumped her arms on the straightaway against somebody at least ten years her senior. There’s something so endearing about watching little kids with oversized track jerseys running against full-grown adults.

Katie is just one example of the vast spectrum of runners who participate at the Mini Meets. You’ll see middle schoolers, high schoolers, collegiate athletes, coaches, and unattached runners who all come together and merge into the short but sweet racing competition that is the BU Mini Meet. Like I said earlier, I wasn’t used to the format of the meet; it was unlike the regimented, exhaustingly long days I was used to in college. You mean I can sign-up the day of? You mean I’m racing against men in my heat? And the whole thing is over with roughly by two or three o’clock? The answer to all of those questions is a matter-of-fact “Yes.”

This past Saturday had a good turnout, despite the fact that it took place in the midst of the holidays, and despite the first snowstorm of the season that began as the meet was ending. Events included (in this specific order) the 3000m, 400m, Mile, 200m, 800m, and the 4×1 mile relay. The meet ran swiftly without delay, even though some events had up to fifteen sections.

Josh Lampron, 19-year-old state and national champion who is currently red-shirting this season for Villanova, led the mile with time of 4:12. That time, however, is nothing compared to his 4:02 as a junior in high school at the National Championships in Greensboro, NC. Lampron says his goal within the next 5 years is to make it to the Olympic trials. GBTC members Ryan Irwin and Chris Kibler were several seconds behind with times of 4:17 and 4:18. As for the women, Leah Rosenfeld, a 24-year-old Northern Arizona University running coach, placed first with a 4:54 mile – her first indoor race since 2010. She later informed me that her personal best is 4:45. Needless to say, I was amazed. Fun fact: Rosenfeld also competed at the Maccabiah Games in Israel, the second biggest International sports gathering behind the Olympics.  She happened to be in Boston this weekend because she was visiting family for the holidays.

Josh Lampron, 19, freshman at Villanova and graduate of Mansfield High School. Lampron won the mile and the 800m at Nationals in Greensboro, NC his junior year of high school with PRs or 4:02 and 1:51.

I’m echoing Victoria’s last post about the BU Mini Meet #2, but I can’t help but be partial towards GBTC’s performances by Allison McCabe and Alex Engel. McCabe was the first woman to cross the line with a personal best of 2:13.49 in the 800m. Engel placed first overall in the 400m and the 200m with times of 48.48 and 22.26. This is Engle’s third full season for GBTC, and although neither of the latter times were his fastest, he says this is the fastest start to any season he’s had. I’m thinking this can only mean good things.

And of course, who can forget the 4×1 mile relay at the end of the meet? Although the track arena had, for the most part, cleared out by that point, the relay teams were still going strong. Unfortunately Coolrunning didn’t post the relay results, so I’ll get back to you on the winning team. I ran with two other GBTC members, Allison McCabe (who had run her 800m PR minutes earlier) and Jenny Cunningham, and Community Running’s Denise Nolan, who by the way, has run the Boston Marathon 18 times. Some people were certainly racing for time, but others were just racing because, well, relays are fun.

And I think that’s the nature of the Mini Meets. You can race for time, or you can race for fun, and nobody will judge you because this is an open meet with all sorts of talent. And thus concludes the Mini Meet Series for 2012, let’s hope 2013 is even better.

Allison Lynch competes for the GBTC and this is her first contribution to Level Renner.

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