Reno Stirrat Gets Ready for 50k

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Reno Stirrat (Whirlaway) will be making a record attempt this weekend. We first broke the news here a couple of weeks ago (see original blog post here), and now we bring you one last primer before the big event.

Reno in action at the Bedford 12k (courtesy of Krissy Kozlosky)

Once again, the record he’s going for is the American masters 55-59 50k record. The current mark is 3:40:41, held by Frank Bozanich(Sacramento, CA) back in February of 2002. Reno will be making his record breaking attempt at the Great Cranberry Island 50k Ultra on July 21, 2012 (tomorrow!!!).

If you’re like me and know nothing about Great Cranberry Island, it’s in Maine and located just off the southern side of Mt. Desert Island (home of the spectacular Acadia National Park). The carriage trails located on Mt. Desert Island are probably my favorite place in the world to run, and just thinking about it makes me want to go there now!

The Level had some questions for Reno about this:

How you plan going about getting this 50k record?

I’m treating the 50k like a marathon because its only 5 miles more. The record pace is 7:05. When I race I usually just go after runners and try to be competitive, while not chasing times. Times come with hard racing. Going after the 50k record I know the pace I need and will try to be competitive with other runners and get into a good pace.

What you need to do to prepare for the race (more calories/fluids the night before, or that morning, or during)?

My fluid and calorie intake are based on the day and how I feel. I never take large amounts no matter how hot. The day before I will hydrate more than normal and try to stay off my feet, running a couple of miles just to loosen up. Mentally I just want to relax and not get worked up. The last few miles I can put that emotional energy to use.

What do you expect of the course?

The course is a two miles long and has two small hills. I believe this is a good thing because it breaks up the monotony. The first twenty should be relaxed and the last ten will be when the racing will start.

Reno closed out with:

Now its time to run the race and give it my all!

Yeah, sounds like he’s ready! Best of luck Reno!

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