Breaking News: Treadmill World Record Attempt at Boston Marathon Expo

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Treadmill World Record Attempt at Marathon Expo

by Ray Charbonneau

At this year’s Boston Marathon Expo, the folks at Outside Interactive are sponsoring an attempt to set the world record for running a marathon on a treadmill.  The men’s record is 2:21:40, set by Eric Blake in 2006 at an event at Malibu Fitness in Farmington, CT.  There’s no current official woman’s record, though NASA astronaut Sunita Williams ran a 4:24 in orbit strapped to a treadmill with a bungee cord as an official entrant of the 2007 Boston Marathon.

Saturday at noon, Michael Wardian will be trying to get the men’s record back.  He took it from Josh Cox in 2004 by running a 2:23:58.  At noon on Sunday, Kim Duclos, a 2:38 marathoner on the roads, will be looking to set an official record for women.  

Outside Interactive sells Virtual Runner, an interactive video/software package that uses high quality videos shot from a runner’s vantage point to allow you to run famous race courses at your own pace on a treadmill.

Here’s the official press release:

Ray Charbonneau is a regular columnist for Level Renner. 

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